a personal update

I've been pretty MIA in the book blogging/podcast community since January-March 2019 (a year-long hiatus geez!). Simply because I didn't have the motivation to continue. I ended up deleting my bookstagram and Pinterest, but kept my Goodreads (I will NEVER delete my Goodreads baby) and Twitter. I know I have more book-related accounts out there but I'm too lazy to update/take them down. But, after fixing up annaish, I realized I never did an "About Anna" post for my 17th and 18th birthdays, so I thought I would share a personal update. I love looking back and reading the past, but also finding out what's new with you bookaholics.
- I'm almost done with my spring college semester. My plan is to transfer in Fall 2020 (I'm going into Film). I'll be so sad because I'm leaving behind the Film Club (and friends, profs, EVERYTHING I EVER LOVED! lmao) I started but it's in good hands! 🎥
- I finally passed my driving exam and I have a car. I faile…

blogging in self-quarantine

Hey bookaholics, I hope everyone is safe and staying indoors during this coronavirus outbreak. How is everyone doing? I've been struggling a lot during my self-quarantine. I can't go to my college campus anymore, so all my classes are now online. I also don't know how to continue my Film Club (I am the President) because we meet on campus and we're a big group. My workplace is closed but I wasn't temporarily laid off (I am so thankful!). And, hardest of all, my boyfriend and I decided to self-quarantine individually so I can't physically see him for I don't know how long. 
So, to pass the time and give myself some motivation, I decided to revive my dear annaish (No Gen Z Reads). Even though Blogger may crash at any minute (yet I'm too scared to launch that "Click Here For The New Blogger!" button. What's that about?) and many readers are gone, I'm determined to do something for myself and fellow readers. Every post won't be book-re…